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Model KWT270/370EC

Extended Cab Modification for Kenworth
Part / Model: KWT270CC/T370EC

Koester's offers an extended cab for Kenworth T370/T270 medium duty trucks available directly to Kenworth dealers as an aftermarket cab modification. Designed and manufactured by Koester's, a leading manufacturer of aftermarket sleeper cabs, the T300 extended cab is targeted to vocational markets including wrecker, fire/rescue and utility/construction.
The 52" long and 84" wide integrated crew cab modification follows the rearward taper of the 270/370 cab, creating a 161 BBC with generous accommodations for three additional passengers. A 4" raised rear roofline creates additional room for headgear. Incremental weight is approximately 840 pounds plus option selections.

Koester's uses a one-piece fiberglass roof and Kenworth parts including rear door assemblies, rear corner panels, floor mat, interior lighting and grab handles. The end result is an aftermarket crew cab modification with OEM styling, appearance and fit and finish.

Standard Specifications
  • 52 long crew cab addition.

  • 85 wide at rear of crew cab.

  • 161 BBC.

  • Incremental weight of approximately 840 pounds plus seating and option selections.

  • All aluminum cab, Huck bolt, adhesive tape and sealant assembly.

  • One-piece fiberglass roof with 4 raised rear section, Huck bolt perimeter and bond to windshield cowl. Raised rear section provides 62 interior height.

  • Three-piece headliner.

  • Kenworth door assemblies and door panels with electric windows and electric door locks.

  • Side wall, rear wall and ceiling insulation.

  • Kenworth Slate Gray vinyl interior trim.

  • Ribbed floor mat with pad.

  • Interior materials meet FMVSS 302 flammability rating.

  • Kenworth dome light.

  • Kenworth interior grab handles.

  • Kenworth exterior grab handles.

  • Relocate Kenworth rear window.

  • DuPont Imron Elite single stage paint, Kenworth N0006EA white or any standard color, crew cab, roof and rear doors. Kenworth factory paint will remain on the hood, fenders, front doors and windshield cowl.

Optional Items
A wide array of optional items allows the crew cab to be ordered to meet customer-specific vocational applications.

  • 12 volt auxiliary heater only

  • 12 volt auxiliary heater/air conditioner

Interior Trim
  • Stereo speakers, wire to truck stereo

  • Red dome lights for fire trucks

  • Carpet floor with insulation pad

  • Floor mats for carpeted floor

  • Vocational bench seat

  • Seats Inc. 911 Series SCBA crew seats for fire trucks

  • Seats Inc. 911 Series SCBA officers seat (uses existing seat base and occupant restraint)

  • Sofa bed, 38 x 70 (vinyl or cloth)

  • Sofa bed, 38 x 70 (leather)

  • Access steps, left and right, frame-mount

  • Work lights, 4" diameter, stainless steel, mount under cab for fire trucks

  • Work lights, 4" diameter, clear L.E.D., stainless steel, flush-mount rear wall

  • NFPA non-slip grab handles for fire trucks

  • Install customer-provided NFPA light bar and radio antenna for fire trucks

  • Tread Brite aluminum exterior rear wall panel for fire trucks

  • Stainless hood vent trim (pair)

  • Extend horizontal exhaust 24" behind crew cab (horizontal DPF)

  • Extend factory horizontal exhaust to front of right rear tire for fire trucks (horizontal DPF)

  • Remount factory single vertical exhaust stack (undercab/toolbox DPF); B-pillar mount

  • Remount factory single vertical exhaust stack (horizontal DPF); corner panel mount

Special Paint
  • DuPont Imron Elite "EA" single stage, reds and special colors

  • DuPont Imron Elite "EB" base/clear standard color

  • DuPont Imron Elite "EB" base/clear, reds and special colors

  • DuPont Imron Elite "EB" base/clear metallics and pearl effect colors

  • Two-tone fire apparatus paint, white roof over red cab

  • Two-tone fire apparatus paint, white upper half of cab over red lower half of cab

Program Notes:
  • Kenworth dealers must specify Crew Cab Conversion Kit sales code 8080007 on Prospector chassis specifications.

  • For fire truck applications, Kenworth dealers must specify Red Seat Belts sales code 8496558.

  • The Kenworth 270/370 crew cab modification is compatible with Kenworth optional corner windows sales codes 8879911 and 8879913.

  • Kenworth dealers can obtain more information about this program by referencing Kenworth Product Information Number TE-1200 270/370 Aftermarket Crew Cab Conversion dated July 25, 2002.

  • Kenworth dealers can obtain warranty coverage information by referencing Warranty Policy Number C-A-070 Crew Cab Modifications dated July 24, 2002.

  • The Kenworth T270/370 crew cab modification was tested to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) 207 occupant restraint mount and seat mount pull tests.

  • Kenworth dealers must drop-ship chassis into Koester's facility in Ossian, Indiana. Outbound transportation from Koester's is additional cost. Contact Koester's for outbound transportation cost.

  • Fiberglass Roof and Exterior Paint Acceptance Criteria

Features and Benefits
  • One-piece fiberglass roof has a 4 raised rear roofline that allows for additional clearance for headgear.

  • One-piece fiberglass roof is bonded to windshield cowl.

  • DuPont Imron Elite single stage paint is standard on all Koester's crew cab modifications. DuPont Imron Elite base/clear paint is optional for long-lasting, deep gloss finish.

  • Ceiling, rear wall and side walls are insulated for a comfortable and quiet interior.

  • Fiberglass roof is Huck bolted around the perimeter.

  • Kenworth factory corner panels.

  • Standard vinyl floor mat or optional carpet.

  • Kenworth door assemblies for factory appearance and function.

  • All-aluminum cab with Huck bolt, adhesive tape and sealant assembly is strong, durable and lightweight.

  • Seating arrangements include SCBA seats for fire/rescue applications, a bench seat for utility/construction applications, and a sofa bed for recreational applications.

  • The two outer seating positions have three-point occupant restraints and the center seating position has a two-point occupant restraint.
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