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Model: PB335EC

26” Extended Cab Modification for Peterbilt Model 340/335/330/325

Part / Model: PB335EC

Koester's offers an extended cab for Peterbilt Model 340/335/330/325 medium duty trucks available directly to Peterbilt dealers as an aftermarket cab modification. Designed and produced by Koester's, a leading manufacturer of aftermarket sleeper cabs, the extended cab is targeted to towing/recovery, fire/rescue and utility/construction markets.
The 26-inch long and 79-inch wide integrated extended cab follows the rearward taper of day cab, creating a 134-inch BBC with accommodations for two to three additional passengers. The extended cab roofline creates a 58-inch interior height. Incremental weight is approximately 400 pounds plus seating and option selections.

Koester's uses a one-piece fiberglass roof and Peterbilt parts including rear corner panels, rear window and interior lighting. The end result is an aftermarket extended cab with OEM styling, appearance and fit and finish.

Standard Specifications
  • 26” long extended cab addition

  • 79” wide at rear of extended cab

  • 134” BBC

  • Incremental weight of approximately 400 pounds plus option selections

  • All aluminum cab with Huck bolt, Huck rivet, adhesive tape and sealant assembly

  • One-piece fiberglass roof, Huck bolt perimeter and Huck bolt to windshield cowl

  • Factory roofline creates 58” interior height

  • Three-piece headliner

  • Relocated Peterbilt corner panels

  • Side wall, rear wall and ceiling insulation

  • Peterbilt Vantage Gray vinyl interior trim

  • Ribbed floor mat with pad

  • Interior materials meet FMVSS 302 flammability rating

  • Peterbilt dome light

  • Relocated Peterbilt rear window

  • 14” x 20” fixed side windows

  • DuPont Imron® Elite single stage paint, Peterbilt N0006EA white or any standard color, crew cab, roof and rear doors. Peterbilt factory paint will remain on the hood, fenders, front doors and windshield cowl.

Optional Items

A wide array of optional items allows the extended cab to be ordered to meet customer-specific vocational applications

Interior Trim
  • Stereo speakers, wire to factory stereo

  • Carpet floor with insulation pad

  • Floor mats for carpeted floor

  • Vocational cabinets and shelving behind front seats

  • Jump seats, 20”, inboard facing

  • Bench cushion, 18” x 66”, with lift-up storage underneath (does not meet D.O.T. minimum sleeper berth requirements)

  • Stainless hood vent trim (pair)

  • Link Bunkmate CS120 crew cab air ride system (Peterbilt dealer to order fixed mount day cab)

Special Paint
  • DuPont Imron Elite "EA" single stage, reds and special colors

  • DuPont Imron Elite "EB" base/clear standard color

  • DuPont Imron Elite "EB" base/clear, reds and special colors

  • DuPont Imron Elite "EB" base/clear metallics and pearl effect colors

Program Notes:
  • There is no conversion kit required for the extended cab modification.

  • Peterbilt dealers must drop-ship chassis into Koester's facility in Ossian, Indiana. Outbound transportation from Koester's is additional cost. Contact Koester's for outbound transportation cost.

  • Fiberglass Roof and Exterior Paint Acceptance Criteria

Features and Benefits
  • One-piece fiberglass roof maintaines factory roofline for OEM appearance.

  • One-piece fiberglass roof is Huck bolted around the perimeter.

  • Standard one-piece ribbed floor mat from front to back for seamless appearance.

  • Ceiling, rear wall and side walls are insulated for thermal and acoustic protection.

  • Standard 14” x 20” fixed side windows for maximum visibility.

  • Peterbilt factory rear corner panels for OEM appearance.

  • All aluminum cab with Huck bolt, Huck rivet, adhesive tape and sealant assembly is strong, durable and lightweight.

  • Arrangements include open floor, jumps seats for towing/recovery applications, or a bench cushion for utility/construction applications.

  • Vocational cabinets and shelving are available on a make-to-order basis.
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